What is Keratin Fiber and What Does it Do? There are many products on the market for hair loss, but so many of these so-called solutions tend to draw attention to and exacerbate the problem. Everyone deserves to feel good about their hair, but it seems many products prey on the insecurities of people with thinning hair, instead of providing actual results. If you’ve researched solutions for thinning hair, then you’ve probably encountered the word “keratin.” Keratin fibers are a very popular way to restore thickness and volume to hair, but its mechanics are somewhat elusive. At first glance, this quick-fix solution can sound and look too good to be true. Surprisingly, the mechanics behind keratin are relatively simple. Let’s explore what keratin fiber actually is, how it works, and how it can help you live a fuller life with a fuller head of hair.


What is Keratin Fiber?

To understand keratin fiber and how it works, we must first understand the microscopic make up of our own hair. The root of a human hair (or hair follicle) is where our hair is created, which is made up of hair keratin. Strong, healthy hair is full of keratin, and the hair follicles have little to no damage. Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally in many living things, providing structure to skin and hair, and hooves, horns, and feathers in animals. It is an essential protein in the structural makeup of our skin and hair and is found in many living things.


Where does Keratin Fiber Come From?

Keratin can be introduced into one's diet to supplement the body's production of this crucial structural protein, but keratin fibers are the only way to add natural thickness and volume to hair instantly. Keratin can be naturally derived from wool, vegetables, cellulose, or cotton. Keratin fibers made from these sources looks exactly like our naturally growing hair because it is made out of the same protein. Keratin fibers like Dr. Yates Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers are incredibly light, so when you apply them to your hair, they disperse evenly across the scalp.


What do Keratin Fibers Look Like?

Different dyes create different shades of keratin fibers that can match any natural hair color. Dr. Yates Hair Thickener comes in eight different shades. You can mix and match these colors to create a more accurate match to your own hair, or to achieve a salt-and-pepper look. The dyes used in Dr. Yates Keratin Fibers are entirely safe and will never stain your skin or clothes. When these keratin fibers merge with your hair, the result is a naturally thicker looking head of hair. Because human hair is comprised of mostly keratin, the keratin fibers blend in wholly and are undetectable up close. Sounds almost magic, right? Nope, keratin fibers work using simple scientific laws.


How Does Keratin Fiber Work?

Now we know what keratin fibers are, but how do they work? First thing’s first, our hair follicles have a naturally positive static charge. So, the keratin fibers are given a negative charge. Opposites attract, and the keratin fibers stick directly to the hair follicles, using nothing more than the simple science of static electricity. Because the fibers are so small, they disperse equally and look completely natural on your hair.

Sweat and other liquids have the potential to interfere with the static bond between hair and keratin fiber, so a setting spray like Dr. Yates Holding Spray is recommended to keep the fibers in place, making keratin fibers one of the most natural looking solutions for thinning hair and hair loss in men and women. This holding spray is lightweight and made of maximum-hold polymers, which keep the fibers in place for 24 hours, protecting against sweat, moisture, and humidity.


How to Use Keratin Fibers

Dr. Yates Keratin Fiber Hair Enhancer is easy to use and comes in a convenient two-part packaging. First, you style your hair as you usually would. It is essential that your hair be completely dry when applying the fibers. Making sure your hair is completely dry, you shake the bottle of keratin fibers onto your head where the problem areas occur. You may want to start with applying a small amount, then adding more, just to avoid using too many keratin fibers. Too many keratin fibers have the potential to look uneven. To ensure equal distribution of keratin fibers and a flawless natural look, hold the bottle about six inches above the problem areas when dispersing the keratin fibers. If you’re using two different shades of keratin fibers, try applying the lighter color before the darker color to achieve the look you want. Once you apply the keratin fibers, they will immediately stick to your hair follicles using the properties of static electricity. To ensure long-lasting effects, spray the area with three pumps of Dr. Yates Holding Spray. This will keep the fibers protected from moisture while allowing your hair to move and flow naturally. The fibers will only wash out when you shampoo your hair. Feel free to touch up the area with a few sprinkles of keratin fibers between shampoos.


Fuller Head of Hair

Everyone thinks about their hair, and it is important in establishing our confidence and identity. We style it, play with it, and show it off. Unfortunately, hair loss is a reality of many people’s lives, and it can sometimes feel like a daunting problem with no solution. Fortunately, modern science has helped advance the variety and quality of hair loss and thinning solutions. Hair is made out of keratin, so keratin fibers are one of the most logical solutions to get back the look of your luscious head of hair you once possessed. Your perfect head of hair is in reach, and it's better looking and more cost-effective than you might have first thought. Keratin fibers are not too good to be true, they use the natural qualities of hair and simple scientific laws to create the appearance of naturally thick and voluminous hair.