Can Exercise Cause HairlossEverything in moderation, right? Exercise is one activity where it’s more important than ever to adopt that mentality. Research has shown that excessive exercise and certain types of exercise can impact hair loss.

You exercise to look good, and more importantly to feel good. Some people exercise more intensely than the average Joe, whether in sports-related pursuits or to rank among the fitness elite. It’s important to look at the effects of intense exercise from the good to the not so good.

Hair loss can be frustrating and anxiety provoking for anyone. While exercise doesn’t cause hair loss, it can accelerate it. Stress from over-exercising can also cause sleep disorders and extreme fatigue, further increasing the stress on your body.

There is permanent and temporary hair loss. Hair loss from stress (whether exercise-induced or otherwise) is temporary. Temporary is good, but stress can also cause long-term health problems resulting in more permanent hair loss.

Stress in the body causes hair to stop production. It can also weaken individual hair follicles and create hair that’s weak and breaks easily.

There are different types of stress that are caused by exercise. The most innocent-seeming one is keeping up with a certain look at a gym or other activity. Many people spend a lot of money on gym attire and want to maintain a certain look in order to feel good about themselves. This can be a type of stress.

It’s also stressful to maintain a regimented workout schedule when working and maintaining relationships with family. The stress of making sure you’re doing your workout, despite other obligations and lack of sleep can be hard on the body.

The answer to deflecting these types of superficial stressors is to find ways to relax and reduce the stress in your life overall. Also, being slightly less military about making sure you get your work out in each and every time, will result in a healthier outlook.


What types of workouts increase the risk of hair loss?

Reasonable amounts of cardio have been shown to be beneficial for mental and physical health. Intense workouts that push you to your limits multiple times per week will likely have negative effects.

Weights can be a type of intense workout. Power weight lifting can accelerate hair loss by increasing the testosterone in your body.

A typical weightlifter will try to increase the amount of protein they’re consuming so their body can rebuild the muscle that’s being torn down. Protein powder supplements are popular among lifters who have certain muscle gains they want to achieve.

The problem with these shakes is they also increase testosterone and a chemical called DHT which is linked to hair loss. It’s recommended that to avoid accelerated hair loss, weightlifters decrease the amount of weight they’re lifting and get nutrients from natural sources, such as chicken, fish, vegetables and vitamin supplements.

There are 3 main causes of hair loss. Poor nutrition, stress, and generalized hair care. Nutrition is very important to put back what you’re taking out of your body between exercise and life. Stress needs to be moderated on all fronts, workouts included. It will take its toll whether in hair loss or other health issues.

Keeping hair healthy and intact is a benefit of keeping a moderate and healthful attitude and lifestyle.