Keratin Hair Thickening TreatmentWhat is Keratin?

Keratin happens to be a common word in recent times especially among persons who are battling with hair loss. While you may have heard about Keratin and Keratin fibers, it is important to know what is being referred to. Keratin is a fibrous protein that is present in the skin, hair, nails as found in humans and in animals in the form of hoofs, claws, feathers, and fur. Keratin is an essential protein which mammals and humans rely on for the thickness and density of nails and body hair.

The role of Keratin cannot be overemphasized in the body as it plays an essential role in the skin’s thickness, moisture absorption, and retention and also in the elasticity of the skin. Keratin additionally plays a huge role in determining the volume or density of body hair. The importance of keratin hair fibers has influenced its use in volumizing treatments and hair thickening.


Hair Thickening and Volume

Keratin hair fibers as an option for hair replacement systems can be adopted in several ways to ensure hair thickness and improved hair volume. Taking into consideration that the goal of any hair treatment is to increase hair volume and thicken hair strands themselves through the addition of the fibrous protein to the hair structure, Keratin presents the best option to both thickening and volumizing of the hair.  Many other products address hair thickness but neglect the need to volumize the hair.


Keratin and Hair Thickening

Being a part of the hair structure itself, Keratin can be increased or added through treatment or diet in order to increase hair volume. The use of Keratin can play a major advantage in solving the problem of hair thinning and hair loss which can be caused by a number of factors including health condition, genetic inheritance, lifestyle choices or environmental conditions.


Thinning Hair

Before you buy keratin hair fibers as a means to end a thinning hair condition, there is the need to distinguish between the different situations which can cause hair thinning.  In some cases, the hair strands may be brittle while in other cases, there may be a problem with the hair follicle, such as weakness which causes the hair to fall out more easily and frequently.

Hair thinning, brittleness, and reduction in overall volume of hair can be attributed to many reasons including the genetic background of the individual leading to instances of bald spots and more. In other cases, hair thinning may be sparked by some medical conditions which affect the strength of the hair follicle, such as cancer and exposure to chemotherapy, while in other cases factors such as age, environmental considerations including prolonged exposure to pollution, or acute exposure to highly toxic materials may spark hair thinning and hair loss.


Treatment Options

Hair thinning may be difficult to control once started, depending on the cause of the condition. While it is difficult to deal with hair loss as a result of the genetic makeup of an individual, things such as diet deficiencies or medical illness once corrected may improve hair loss. 

New techniques in surgical hair transplants offer better results than in the past when needed.  In the meantime, here are some of the recommended options worth exploring:


Increasing Keratin Levels Naturally

This can be done by selecting the diet that contains adequate proteins which are aimed at increasing the keratin levels in the body. Such recommended food includes the consumption of fruits and vegetables which are high in Vitamin C and B.


Other Ways to Benefit from Keratin

Other ways to boost keratin level in the body involves the use of specialized shampoos and conditioners that are designed not just to volumize but add keratin to the scalp.