Scalp Care Tips To Avoid Hair LossAnyone who has used a curling iron for several days in a row has experienced the damage that comes from excessive heat. Although users frequently blame chemicals or vitamin deficiencies, hair rollers are one of the most common ways in which individuals experience hair loss. Due to their extreme heat, use of hot rollers leads to unintended consequences like dryness and breakage. Describing this, Diahna Husbands, a hair replacement specialist, once wrote, “Do not believe any heated device that claims to protect hair or make it even healthier. That’s just marketing and advertising… The plain truth is that you are directing heat at your skin and hair, and repeated heat, especially at the highest heat settings, breaks down the hair shaft and destroys the cuticle of your hair … period.” If you style your hair with hot rollers without taking any protective measures to guard your hair, eventually, you will uncover hair damage. However, by understanding the fundamental ways in which hot rollers harm hair as well as how to prevent damage, you can continue to style your hair with hot rollers while avoiding any long-term damage.


Why do Hot Rollers Hurt my Hair?

Heat is the absolute last thing that hair needs. In short, heat evaporates moisture, and when moisture from your hair is absorbed, hair follicles begin to crack and break. As a result, frequent use of hot rollers continues to constantly remove any traces of moisture, resulting in damage to your precious hair. Whenever you use hot rollers on wet hair, the hair will immediately turn brittle, develop cracks, and then break. Hot rollers result in a variety of consequences.

Furthermore, human hair also contains keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds. By using heat styling tools, such as curling irons, tongs, flat irons or blow dryers, you strip your hair of its natural proteins and oils by breaking down its hydrogen bonds. This destruction of hydrogen bonds is the way in which your heat styling tools are able to give you the look you want. Essentially, they change your hair texture in order to achieve curliness, sleekness, or straightness.

Furthermore, hot rollers can also lead to roots which have been twisted too tightly. This extreme tension on hair roots can result in your hair breaking and prematurely falling out. As a result, the tension created by hot rollers is nearly as damaging as the heat. If you use rollers on a regular basis, this can develop into traction alopecia as well as possible permanent hair loss if the follicles themselves become damaged. Several signs that your use of styling tools is leading to hair loss are frizzy hair, a sore scalp, burns, hair thinning, and even daily use of heated styling tools. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you may want to look for ways to begin preventing damage from hot rollers. Ultimately, frequent, careless use of heated rollers will cause long-term hair damage. Despite these risks, several safeguards can be put in place so that you can continue styling your hair with these handy devices.


Ways to Prevent Damage From Hot Rollers

One easy way to avoid damage is to ensure that your hair is thoroughly dried and pretreated with mousse or styling gel before running hot rollers through your hair. Less-damaging hot rollers are also available, such as ones with smooth exteriors like plastic, rubber, or even Teflon-coated. Never use the highest heat settings as they are never necessary; stylists all agree that the best results are readily available with your device set on medium.

You can also use products labeled as including heat protection. Other options include utilizing a leave-in conditioner to coat the hair shaft which smooths down the cuticle. Above all, you should always use something to prevent the heat from harming your hair. For example, you can buy a cream-based product for use on coarser, curlier hair types and a serum or liquid product for straight or wavy hair. You can also prevent hair damage through deep-conditioning treatments which will consistently moisturize your hair. Even if they cost more, you should always choose quality products as they will provide a variety of benefits down the line.

Furthermore, dermatologists all agree that in order to avoid scalp trauma, irons and curlers should remain 1-inch away from your scalp. If not, real burns can occur which will result in follicles suffering from extreme, irreversible damage. Always be careful to protect your head, which houses the most fragile parts of your hair. Stylists also agree that users should always make sure to keep the appliance moving. In order to avoid burns, you should never keep the flatiron or hot roller clamped down on one spot on your head. Burns and irritation can easily occur from the prolonged exposure. In a similar sense, with blow dryers, you should always be careful to direct towards various spots of your head at once; also, hold your blow-dryer at a 45-degree angle which helps you avoid pummeling your hair with high heat.

Once you notice that your hair is beginning to experience symptoms of damage from hot rollers, all stylists agree that the best way to prevent any further loss is by giving your hair a rest and then being extremely gentle. Overall, by pausing from using harsh styling tools, you can begin to promote a healthy balance between styling your hair and the damage that often comes from these tools.


With Safeguards, You can Continue Styling with Hot Curlers

As they provide a quick boost and instant makeover to your hairstyle, heated rollers are always an easy way to spice up your hair, and with the knowledge of ways to prevent damage, you can safely continue styling your hair. In order to achieve healthy, stylish hair, you should always be mindful of the fundamental ways in which you can protect your hair while using hot rollers.